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Lev Moshe was founded by the Fenichel family in 2013 in memory of Moshe Fenichel z"l.

Moshe was a loving and devoted husband to Debbie;  father of Tzvi, Ilanit and Netanel;  Father in law of Aliza (Rottman) and Zvi Ben Yochanan; and grandfather of Nachman Aryeh and Shimon Chayim Fenichel.  He was the son of Rabbi Seymour z"l and Naomi Fenichel and brother of Debbie and Louis Greenspan.

Moshe’s smiling face reflected his love of life. His greatest pleasure was spending his time with his family; watching them grow and flourish. He is missed dearly by all.

On October 25, 2011 (27 Tishrei, 5772), at 9am, Moshe was outside of a bank in Jerusalem waiting for the doors to open. He was on his way to mail the wedding invitations to his daughter's wedding. While sitting on a bench outside the bank, he suddenly suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed.

Bystanders soon realized that something was wrong and quickly called an ambulance. Tragically, it was too late. Moshe needed immediate treatment; a shock from a defibrillator might have saved his life if administered in time. Those around him did not have the medical awareness to know that a defibrillator was needed.

In his memory, his family has decided to create Lev Moshe. Its goal is to raise awareness of heart disease and cardiac arrest, which claim more than 7,000 lives in Israel every year.

Lev Moshe has as its primary goal to teach individuals and communities in Israel to recognize symptoms of cardiac arrest and to use an automatic external defibrillator (AED) and perform basic CPR if needed. This is something that anyone can be trained to do!

The second goal is to purchase as many defibrillators as possible and distribute them in public places, e.g. shuls, community centers etc.

In the future Lev Moshe would like to expand in many different ways which have the potential to save many lives.

Lev Moshe is a project of Keren Yosef, an organization providing and upgrading medical response through the provision of emergency medical vehicles, equipment and training to the emergency services, first responders and members of the public.

All donations are tax deductible in Israel, the U.K. and the U.S.

Please donate generously to Lev Moshe. Every amount is helpful in achieving our goals.

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